Adventures in the Queendom
  Shen Yun 2019 features another riveting episodefrom the classic Journey to the West.  
Principal Dancer Jane Chen
If I Could Go on Stage…
Principal Dancer Jane Chen’s journey to realizing her childhood dream.
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Get Stretchy with Us
Get Stretchy with Us
Shen Yun dancers share easy everyday stretches to keep fresh and limber.
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Photos from Tour
Photos from Tour
Lotus Fairies Collection
Did You Know?
  Classical Chinese dance and martial arts
share the same roots
Several thousand years ago, classical Chinese dance and Chinese martial came to be—yet they were like brothers who each headed his own way on a diverging path. Martial arts (武, ) remained the brawny, stalwart sibling, while classical Chinese dance (舞, also ) became the graceful, genteel one. 
Since martial arts are mainly meant for combat and self-defense, most movements are short, fast, and explosive in order to achieve victory or guarantee survival. In contrast, classical Chinese dance, meant for performance and to be aesthetically pleasing, integrates physical movement with inner bearing, and is characterized by long, fluid movements. The language of classical Chinese dance is rich and expressive and can accurately depict a wide range of emotions.
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  Next month, we’ll share more news from tour and explore another story performed in Shen Yun 2019.